Kryolan HD Micro Air Brush Compressor Machine


Kryolan HD Micro Airbrush Machine With Gun.

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The HD Micro Compressor XP-321 Set includes an air compressor and airbrush gun. The HD Micro Compressor XP-321 Set was especially designed to apply the Kryolan professional beauty make-up products High Definition Micro Foundation On Air. This system operates with a gentle air-flow pressure of only 2.1 bar (appr. 30 psi). It is also exceptionally quiet in operation. For mobile work, the HD Micro Compressor XP-321 can also be powered with the rechargeable battery pack that is also supplied. Other airbrush guns can also be connected to the HD Micro Compressor XP-321.


This set includes :

  1. Compressor  1pc.
  2. Airbrush Gun 1pc.
  3. Battery Pack and Bag 1pc.
  4. Airbrush Foundation 3pc.
  5. MME 1pc.
  6. Brush Cleaner 1pc.
  7. Airbrush Thinner 1pc.
  8. Pingment Living Color 1pc.



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